I think I’ll actually start using this blog. It will most likely become the main repository for the political articles I think are relevant and would like to lay hands on. But I will also be adding my own commentary form time to time. Most likely as things occur in present news and as I finish reading books. Even some spiritual stuff will pop up from time to time.


I feel obliged to point out that if it isn’t obvious, I support Ron Paul for President. The nation is slipping wholly into fascism (more on that at a later date) with the centralization of power in the President, the limiting and ending of individual rights in favor of collective thinking, the central economic planning, and the obsession with blind nationalism. The long term theme of this entire blog will to be to point that out. Dr. Ron Paul is the only political hope we currently have of staunching, or reversing, this trend. All the other flavors of politicians-Obama, Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum, will only accelerate this movement towards fascism. They all argue over minutiae and have the same goals, and plans, in common.  Dr. Paul wishes to return the nation to being guided by The Constitution, enshrining and protecting individual liberty, and restoring our money and economy through free market capitalism. The support him is to support liberty itself.