So the scavenger hunt was pretty fun. As an icebreaker it worked excellently. It really got us out of the class room and I think, broke the mold for a few of us. We are all so used to sitting in a dark classroom and writing notes as our teacher lectures at us on whatever the topic is that day. It’s a rut that all of us quickly, and easily, fall into. The hunt, on the other hand, almost immediately broke that mold. It got us outside the classroom, into a beautiful day, and got us thinking. That was the part of the hunt I enjoyed most. I mean the guys I was with were fun as well. They were very easy to work with, and were willing to get things done too. But the hunt went beyond just getting us acquainted with someone we had never seen before. It got us working with them, thinking outside the box, and putting our imaginations to work to figure out how we could get the project accomplished. Ours still ended up being pretty literal, but even that was fun. We ended up chasing a bunch of ducks and geese down (how about some extra credit for getting BOTH huh April? 😀 ) to get a picture with them, corralling them together. But that was hilarious! And more than once did we get weird looks from people as we asked to take pictures of them with their Jamba Juice cups. I imagine there will be plenty of days of lecture and demonstration ahead, but knowing they’re will be other days like the scavenger hunt day ahead just adds more spice and anticipation for the coming classes. It gets me excited and thinking. In other words, it gets my creative juices flowing. And, in the end, I suppose that was the point all along.